End of Semester

And yes, we all survived both Clios!

Here is the link to my portfolio: mikaendo.com/index.html. I finally made an About page with a fancy nav bar. I also uploaded a PDF file of my CV. My final project is also linked in my portfolio.

There were many scary moments or “what did I do wrong?” moments while using dreamweaver and ftping the files. Just one div can ruin the whole site. And it took me all night to figure out where I have that one div wrong. I also freaked out when the entire layout of my website messed up when I moved the files and changed the folder name. There wasn’t a scarier moment than that. But after going through all those mistakes, I think I learned more about HTML&CSS and ftping files.

Although it was a tough class, I am very happy that I was able to take Clio 1&2 at George Mason. These two courses introduced me to a new world of digital history. And because I enjoyed learning about digital history so much, I decided to take a course on Digital Storytelling for the next semester. (Hey, but not Clio3. I didn’t have the guts to take that class.) It was worth crossing the Pacific to come here and learn about these cool stuff. Finally, I thank my classmates, especially the digital fellow students, for helping me.

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