Revised Image Assignment and Plans for Design Project

I couldn’t move on to the final project until I fixed the image assignment. Thanks to our digital fellow students, my image assignment page looks like a webpage! And all the images aren’t broken! Compare my last image assignment to the revised version. I still think I can do more to it. Maybe, change the fonts for the title and navigation bar. But I think I should leave this for a while and start working on the design project.

For my design project, I will be using the same research materials that I used in Clio 1. I focused on Walter Plecker (Virginia white supremacist) and Indians of Virginia. But I found out that there’s a lot of images of John Powell (another white supremacist and the person I used for my image assignment) from the Library of Congress, and I want to use his images, too. So, I will expand the project from Clio 1 by including more stories of various white supremacists and discuss on topics about race and eugenics in Virginia during the early twentieth century. And because I enjoy using Photoshop, I hope to edit and include more images on my website. Also, Professor Petrik suggested useful sites to look for fonts during class. I hope to play around with the fonts and find the one that best fits with my website.

Commented on Kirk’s blog.

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