Image Assignment

Here are the images I’ve been working on using Photoshop. I used photos of John Powell, a white supremacist, a pianist and a composer. He was also a founder of the Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America, a Virginia-based white supremacist organization, established in 1922.

Cropped & resized image (before & after):


Hand-colored photograph (before & after):

JohnPowell5.original JohnPowell5修正中web

Vignetted photograph (before & after):

JohnPowell4.original JohnPowell4.修正後.web

Finally, I used some images that I found on the web for restored photograph and matted engraving.

Restored photograph (before & after):

clio3_original clio3.修正.web3

Matted engraving (before & after):

de_bry_chief_virginia_it.original de_bry_chief_virginia_it.修正後.web


I commented on blogs by Beth and Sara.



  1. Mika,

    Cropped/Resized Image- This looks great! It’s a subtle crop, but the piano and his gaze now really stand out. You can also see that he’s holding a Chopin piece. Nice job.

    Colored Photo- The suit and his pants look great. The tie is a little too orange, though, and I think his skin is too yellow. The flag looks a little fake, but it’s neat that you colored each stripe and around each star. You might try to color the background slightly- that might de-emphasize the brightness of the man.

    Vignette- Your vignette is great. I like the black and white photo with the dark and blurred border. It also looks good, because he is standing tall in the middle of the oval border.

    Restored Photo- Nice job erasing all of those dark scratches at the top and smudges on the bottom. It still looks slightly faded, so maybe try the auto-contrast option under the Images tab or sharpen some of the faces. You could also burn the corners and edges of the white building to make it stand out.

    Matted Engraving- The edges and curves around the figures looks good- I am impressed with your attention to detail. I especially like how you matted the inside of their bows and between their legs. Looks great!

    Overall, really nice job! I am looking forward to seeing you final project.

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