Cat and Man – Restoring Images Using Photoshop

This picture of a cat and man is really interesting. We don’t know who the man is and why he is holding a cat.  But as we all discussed in class last week, we can guess that he is probably a single and wealthy man owning a cat. (Because he has no marriage ring in his finger. And why would he be holding a cat in his picture? The cat must be his companion. Besides, he must we rich enough to own a cat.) Here is the original photo of the Cat and Man.

Cat and Man Original

Now, here is my edited version of the Cat and Man using Photoshop.

Cat and Man-修正

The three major tools I used to restore this picture were the burn tool, spot healing brush, and copy stamp. (My Photoshop is in Japanese. Sorry, if the name of the tool is different from the English version. I just translated and guessed the name.) I used the burn tool around the man’s face, his eyes, hair, beard, and hands, and also the fur around his cat. After darkening a few areas, I used the dodge tool to bring some highlights hoping it would make the picture look more natural. I also tried to darken some of the areas that were faded on his suites. Spot healing was very useful to take away the cracks or the white dots in the background. And I used copy stamp for larger areas that I wanted to fix, for instance, the faded area at the edge in the middle right (the little circle) in the background. Finally, I wanted to do something with frame and the oval shape around the picture. I knew where I wanted to fix but I wasn’t quite sure how I should fix it. So, I tried using the burning tool again. There must be more tricks you can do on Photoshop so that the picture will look more like the original piece.

This week, I commented on April’s blog and Kasey’s blog.

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