Clio Street – My First Photoshop!

I had been terribly absent with my blog lately because of several travelings this month. I was able to visit to many cities in the States in just only this month. That’s the fun part about studying abroad!

One of the places I visited was Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After visiting Louisiana State University, I took a bus to New Orleans and spent like 13 hours exploring the city before I headed back to the airport. And in NOLA, I found a street called “Clio.” The moment I saw this street, I couldn’t help but to take a photo thinking about this blog. And we are doing Photoshop so maybe I should try editing the picture before I show it to you all. I did it just for fun and practice. I cropped the image, straighten it, and erased the white marks on the pole, which was the hardest part in editing. Here’s the two photos (before and after) of Clio Street!






I’ve commented on Kirk’s blog and Sara’s blog.


  1. Great use of Photoshop in this cool photo of Clio Street. I liked how you removed the graffiti and altered the perspective to straighten the image. It looks like you may have removed one of the power lines and cropped the image to focus on the sign itself. Very cool!

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