Revising Assignments

A few revisions have been made in my assignments. Here is the link:

I would be more than happy to hear suggestions or comments to improve this webpage. While I was fixing the assignments during the break, I looked at several of my favorite websites and payed attention on how many colors they used, what fonts they used in the title/text/navigation bar/footer, and where they put the images. And I realized that I am terrible at choosing colors. I see bad combinations of colors every time when I refresh my webpage. I don’t think the color wheel in our textbook or the Photographic Palettes helped me either. So, I decided to go with the neutral colors like tan, gray, black, and a little bit of dark red as my “loud color” after doing some several experiments. How do you choose colors? Do you first choose the background color? Or decide what color to use for the title? If I use a image that has color in it, I might can pull out some colors from the picture but the image I used in my text assignment is black and white. I want to know how everyone else chooses colors.

Commented on April’s blog.


  1. Mika,

    I like the layout quite a bit. It’s very clean and the color scheme works well. My only suggestion for a change would be that perhaps the title and subtitle should be larger? They don’t stand out enough compared to the subheadings and text, and that gives your site too much of a “text-y” appearance.

    Also, the image isn’t showing up for me. I’ve tried it in Chrome, Firefox, and IE and in all three nothing shows up, just so you know.

    Other than that, though, the basic design is quite sound a pleasing to the eye.

    1. Kirk, thanks for letting me know about the image! I dragged the image in filezilla several time, but I have no idea why it is not showing on the internet. I will have to ask someone to help me with that! Thanks!

  2. Mika, the page looks great! I would suggest 3 things. The padding around the pull quote should be reduced, the box appears to balloon a tad too much. The second suggestion, move the such as “Categorizing…” closer to the intended body of text. At the moment it looks like it could be associated with the paragraph above or below. Lastly, I had the same image issue in Chrome.
    Fantastic job!

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