Type Assignment; Still in Progress

I will put a link of my type assignment before class tomorrow. But until then, I want to talk about what I am up to and what I am struggling. I am planning to use the same text that I used in Clio 1 for the type assignment. (My plan for the final project is to do something a little different from my Master’s thesis so I want to keep that text for the last.) What I am working on now is color and fonts. I want my background color to be coherent with the home page and rest of the pages that I will be adding. Showing a unity in each pages is my goal. Moreover, I am struggling on how to make a navigation bar. I used a template the last time I made my portfolio. But on page 228 in White Space is Not Your Enemy, it says that “Navigation should be persistence.” I am making my type assignment from a scratch so I am figuring out how to include the navigation in a same style as my home page.

For this week, I commented on Amanda’s blog. I really enjoyed seeing how she layout the images in her blog for this week and it gave me a good inspiration how to place the images in my type assignment.

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