One More Disadvantage…

At the beginning of our class, we discussed some of the advantages and disadvantages of digital history. And while I was writing a paper for another class, I thought of one more disadvantage to add in digital history. And I think no one had pointed this out during class, maybe.

It’s useless when the power is out.

Our whole neighbor had a power outrage due to the icy and snowy weather. I was reading a book online, which is one of the sources for my final paper, and when that power went out, I got so scared about the fact that I won’t be able to work on my paper until the electricity was restored.

You can’t really do anything when the electricity is out. We are used to put on the computer anytime we want and to search through the internet whenever we want. Our lives are made so much easier because of the advancement of technology and digital media. But all these technology and sources are available to us only when the power is working.

I still prefer reading a book from an actual book instead of staring at my laptop screen. And even though I have all the data of primary source inside my folders in computer, I print it anyway because I like to spread it out on my desk. The old-fashioned way is not bad after all. On the other hand, I do benefit from technology and digital media. And I admit that digital history has many wonderful sides. But in my opinion, we still need to keep the old-fashioned way when we approach history. Everything can’t be changed because we have limits. I like keeping a balance between the two. Then, what do we need to protect and what needs to be changed when we approach history in the future? This question is something I continue to ask myself and I will bring it to Clio 2.

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