Final Project

Here is the link of a map for my final project:

(I am still working on it, so hopefully, it will look nicer by the time I turn it in!)

I looked at correspondence by Walter A. Plecker, who was one of the members of the Anglo-Saxon Clubs of America and Virginia’s first State Registrar. The sources are from “John Powell Collection” at the Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library at the University of Virginia. And the time frame of the letter I used are during when the 1924 law was passed until his retirement in 1946.

I used ArcGIS to located some of his letters on a map. The letters are categorized into four themes: 1) Racial Integrity Act (RIA), “Pocahontas Exception,” 2) Indians in Virginia, 3) Plecker returning back certificates, and 4) court cases and others.

I know, I need to provide a background information about the Racial Integrity Act, Walter Plecker and why he was concerned with Indians in Virginia before I go on further. I also need to explain why I divided into these themes.

But this is a quick view to let us see where Plecker sent out his letters. I also wish to see how his ideas were distributed geographically by locating his correspondence on a map.

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