Clio Wired — Introduction

Hello all!

I am kind of behind on posting my blog, but let me introduce myself. Although I have posted a few times in Japanese, this is my first time to actually write it in English (and I am very nervous about it).

My name is Mika Endo, a first year PhD student in History at George Mason University. I finished both my undergrad and master’s program at Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. My interest is in U.S. history, particularly on Southern history and Native American history. I wrote a master’s thesis on the Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act of 1924 and the racial categorization of Indians. I love Virginia history. I fell in love with Virginia and its history while I was taking several trips to Virginia to collect primary sources for my thesis. After finishing my master’s, I entered PhD program at the same university at Doshisha. In my second year in PhD, I took the whole year to prepare to apply for U.S. universities. And now, I am here at George Mason!

This field in digital history is very new to me. I told to my professors and friends in Japan about this new class before I came here and many of them, including me, had no clue what digital history is. I felt that I (and maybe Japan) are very behind on this topic. Hope I can learn and bring some of the information back to my country someday (if I ever decided to go back). But at the same time, I noticed that digital history keeps changing! I hope I can keep up with the new stuff, too.

I look forward to learning with you all this semester and reading your blogs!

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